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Masterpiece Collection 1189 (1189-2)

Manufacture date unknown due to being sealed still

Masterpiece Collection 1189 (1189-3)

Manufacture date of this tape is 10/13/1998

Note: This release is near identical to 1189-2, except for slightly different placement of the Proof of Purchase,
and the inclusion of another identifier in the bottom left corner of the back cover (It reads "A1683")

Masterpiece Collection 1189 (1189-3, E0355)

Manufacture date of this tape is 6/16/1999

As can be seen, this Masterpiece Collection variant got an overhaul on the art, which will also be used for the last releases in the U.S. (See below)
This variant can also be identified by the indentifier in the bottom left of the back cover, which reads E0355

Gold Collection 19852

Manufacture date of this tape is 6/16/2000

Chinese Release (English Language w/ Chinese Subtitles)

Since I am unable to read Chinese, I cannot say for sure, but I believe that the manufacture date on this tape is 1/26/84.
I assume the label on the face of the tape contains those details, and as it can be seen, the number 26184 is present in the second row of the text on the label.
Please contact me if you have more details on this release, please

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