VHS Variations


VHS Variations

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This page showcases all of the variations of Robin Hood I own in my personal collection. If there are any extra variations I am unaware of, please contact me at patch.uwu@gmail.com so I may keep a list of tapes I need :) Please note that I am most interested in collecting all of the U.S. NTSC variants, although I enjoy collecting foreign releases as well, as you will see below

Note: These releases are in chronological order as far as my knowledge goes, excluding foreign releases

Please be patient as the images load, there are a lot of them *_*

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Dealer Sales and Preview Tape

This tape was released as an incentive for retailers to order Robin Hood tapes for their stores. This tape is incredibly rare.

Manufacture date of this tape is 10/2/1984

Black Diamond 228VS

Manufacture date of this tape is 10/22/1985

Black Diamond 228V

Above picture of the tape label has been censored, as the previous owner stamped their address on the label

Manufacture date of this tape is 9/29/1986

Black Diamond 1189 (1189-1)

Manufacture date of this tape is 6/7/1991

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