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Other Home Media Releases

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Black Diamond 228BS

This tape was released in tandem with the Black Diamond 228VS release of Robin Hood.
The only difference is the format being Betamax, of course.

Manufacture date of this tape is 11/15/1984

Japanese Laserdisc SF058-1708

As displayed in the third picture, for some odd reason, a promotional Christmas image was used as a still from the movie, although it is most certainly not.

My copy has two coloring pages included. I'm unsure if all copies came with these pages or not. They are very cool though!
This Laserdisc was released on 1/25/1990

RCA CED "SelectaVision" Disc 228

This release is a testament to the variety of formats available early on in home media's life. CED, which stands for Capacitance Electronic Disc, is an analog video disc. It functions similarly to a turntable. Unfortunately, my copy was previously owned by an apparently rambunctious child who liked to use the disc as an art easel.

Gold Classic Collection DVD 19692

This DVD was released alongside the Gold Classic Collection VHS on 7/4/2000. As the second picture indicates, my copy was not labeled for individual sale, which means it was most likely bundled with something else. If you have more information on what this could have been bundled with, please contact me at aria.moonbriar@gmail.com.

"Most Wanted Edition" DVD 52412

This DVD was released on 11/28/2006

"40th Anniversary Edition" Blu-ray 111635

This Blu-ray was released in 2013 for the 40th Anniversary of the film. It was reissued (oddly enough retaining the "2013 Blu-ray Release" and "40th Anniversary Edition" text) in 2020 for Easter through the Disney Movie Club. The final picture is of the interior of an opened copy I have of the same release. The redeemable digital download code has been censored out.

"40th Anniversary Edition" Blu-ray (DVD Case) 111885

This release has confused me for some time. It was released at the same time as the previous release listed above, yet this one is housed in a standard DVD case instead of the typical Blu-ray blue case. I know that early Blu-ray releases were sometimes housed in standard DVD cases, but this release is from 2013... long into the lifespan of Blu-ray. This release also came in a slipcover much like the previous release, but the sides of the slipcover are grey instead of blue. It's a strange release, and if you have anymore information about it, please contact me at aria.moonbriar@gmail.com. The redeemable digital download code has been censored out.